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Suppress 'The Browser is already running' warning

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Suppress 'The Browser is already running' warning

I have a script that will always reuse the already open instance of Chrome, so whenever my script kicks off and navigates to the first page specified in my script, I get a 'Warning, the browser is already running' message. I can create a routine that checks for open browsers and closes them first, but I specifically DO want to use the already running instance of Chrome.


Is there anyway to supress this warning, or alternatively turn off logging until after that step has occured? I'm using VBA as my scripting language.

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It is possible to disable logging as well as to suppress posting some message to the test log.

But why not to check if the browser is running and use it if it is?


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Solved this by adding in a browser is running check and if so using .Navigate instead of .Run. 

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