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Store Tables Being Corrupted

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Store Tables Being Corrupted

We have tables stored inside the project under Stores -> Tables. These tables were generated by TestComplete using the table checkpoint wizard, the data contained within the tables comes from our software. These tables are our golden files that we want to use later when we run/make test. We want TestComplete to compare the golden table to what is currently in our software. If we make a fresh table and run a test the Table checkpoint works correctly and displays all the data. however, if we close and reopen TC on the same computer, run the test again OR move the project suite to a different computer these golden tables become corrupted and are missing over half if not all of the data inside of them.

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You might want to check whether you are using absolute or relative file location, as changing the project location may cause the stored data not to be found.


However, when restarting TC on the same computer, the stored data should remain. Are there any error messages? How big is this stored data? and what version of TC are you using?

When we move the project, we copy the entire project suite and folder onto separate machines. We use SVN/GIT to source control the project. I believe this is not the issue. 


The table file size is usually <= 30kb of data and a 15x15 grid style sheet with string values.


Test Complete version (we already tried rolling back a few versions as this is a new issue we discovered). 


After we restart TestComplete and check the tables some are corrupted. If we attempt to run TC again TC crashes and says "TestComplete has encountered a problem in module tcRTL.bpl and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."


When I say the table is corrupted, imagine you had a 15x15 excel sheet filled with data then restarted test complete now that 15x15 sheet is 0x0 or 10x3 or 3x10 or YxY. The data is missing or partial. 



I was also able to get a a .dmp file.  "The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access."


Note* This is a new issue we discovered we have been using TestComplete for over a year with no problem. Most of our tables work 100% of the time out of 30 tables ~6 have this issue. All stored in the same location, all similar size and data. 

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Either update your TC, or check the version history to see if the issue has been fixed, or raise a new support request

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