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Stays for a long time on the Data Driven Loop

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Stays for a long time on the Data Driven Loop



1. Did a data driven loop with excel.

2. Works fine for all the 50 rows.

3. Added code to write in the excel Pass/Fail.

4. Try to run the script and it waits for an indefinate time at the loop and does not proceed further.

The same concept works fine for 10 of my other modules. just facing this issue for 2 modules, there is nothing different that i did for these 2 modules.




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I don't know what your "excel Pass/Fail" code is, but I would try running it with Debug and step through it, then let us know the results of that.

Excel Pass/Fail is a simple script to write in excel as Pass or Fail. Tried the debug too but as i said it just halts that the loop line and nothing in the logs etc. 

Try taking out the writing to Excel part and use Log.Message in that code instead. Let's see if that runs.

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