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Spawn python process during test won’t close after TestComplete interaction

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Spawn python process during test won’t close after TestComplete interaction

We have a product that spawns a python process to bring up a dialog for user input. After TestComplete interacts with that dialog and clicks the “OK” button to submit the process never closes and returns control to our product. 


Has anyone experienced this?


Is TestComplete instrumenting into the python and not releasing it so python cannot terminate the script? As far as we can tell we make it through all of our code in the python script, but the process just hangs there.


Any help would be great!

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Which window library is your python code is using? Is the application being launched as a tested app in TestComplete?


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Not sure if I got the problem right, but hopefully this might help:


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Thank you for helping, Community!


@gagelarsen53 Does Alex's advice help? 

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