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Sorting an Array Object from FindAll


Sorting an Array Object from FindAll

Hey guys!


I'm trying to figure out how to sort an array of objects by a certain property. However, I'm encountering an error where TC is saying "tableArray.sort is not a function".


const tableArray = window.FindAll("JavaClassName","UITablePeer$23",2000,true)

var sortedTableArray = tableArray.sort(function(a,b){return a.Left - b.Left})


Now, I know that TC supports the .sort() method because this example line of code does work:

const cars = [
{type:"Volvo", year:2016},
{type:"Saab", year:2001},
{type:"BMW", year:2010}

var sortedCarArray = cars.sort(function(a, b){return a.year - b.year});


My hunch is that there is a type difference between the tableArray and the cars array. In debugger, the cars array is a Array type whereas tableArray is a ComSafeArray. Could that be the reason for the discrepancy?


I tried declaring the resulting object from FindAll as a new array and it was just indexed into an array!

var tableArray = new Array(window.FindAllChildren("JavaClassName","UITablePeer$23",2000,true))




Thanks in advance!



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That's a good question to ask Support directly.  Here's the link:

Hey @Marsha_R

I think I just figured it out.


By adding the .toArray command, the comSafeArray was converted to an array object and I can use the sort method.


var tableArray = window.FindAllChildren("JavaClassName","UITablePeer$23",2000,true).toArray()

var sortedTableArray = tableArray.sort(function(a,b){return a.Left - b.Left})


Now, the documentation for the FindAll and FindAll children does warn that  JScript, C#Script and C++Script users need to convert using toArray(), but I did not think this applied to me since I'm coding in Javascript.



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