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Somtime TestComplete is crashed without special reason

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Somtime TestComplete is crashed without special reason



I have 2 issues with version  on Window 8.1

#1. Sometime the tool TestComplete is shutdown when it is launched normally without any special reason. 

The error is informed that "The TCHookX64.exe process either does not respond or does not exist."


#2. The test can not executed by the error "Project.Variables" is null ot not an object. This occurs with a frequency about 3/5 running testcase. 


Notice that 2 issue does not occur when restart TestComeplete again. Please help me to give any solution for this, because it takes time to restart again. I was re-install tool again, but this issue is still occur. Smiley Sad


Please see attachment for more details.



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1) I had a similar issue in a different version of TC.  I believe you'll need to contact support about that one.


2) You can try putting a log message right before the Project.Variables line and have it show you the value of the variable.  It sounds like you're not always getting the value that you expect.

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Hi Marsha_R, 





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