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Something I noticed with the Calculator, Themes, and TestComplete

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Something I noticed with the Calculator, Themes, and TestComplete

Background: Testcomplete 10.3, Windows 7. So, I have been training new hires here at my workplace and as an excersize using findchild I wanted them to create a data driven loop that can click on the buttons based on their captions. As expected, when I spied on the calculator I saw useful captions in the name that have all of the characters that actually appear on the calculator (like 0-9, MR, MC, =, +, etc).  "Great! this will be  breeze!" I said to myself. 

So I give them the assignment and they are left with nothing but utter confusion.   On my machine, since day one I have put it in "performance" mode, also I have my theme set to a windows classic variation because I don't like the way the new windows looks (too distractifying and makes the computer slow).

Apparently if a Windows 7 like theme is enabled there is NO value for the wndCaption.   When you switch themes you can watch the values disappear in the object browser.

This begs a few questions:  Why is this happening ? How are these buttons getting their values without captions? Is this unique to the calculator? Should testcomplete always be used with a classic theme as best practice?

Very strange...

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