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SmartBear AQtrace has stopped working

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SmartBear AQtrace has stopped working

I am new to TestComplete and TestExecute. I took this over from someone who is no longer with my company. I have TestComplete installed on my local machine and TestExecute installed on a remote server. The automated tests are kicked off via a Jenkins pipeline that runs them via TextExecute on the remote server. All of this is working fine. The issue is that about halfway through the tests, I get this error popup and the test suite fails: 


How can I find out what is causing this? Where do I begin to look? Thanks in advance for the help.

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To my knowledge, AQtrace is a product by AutomatedQA (a company name before it became SmartBear) that ended its life back in 2008 or 2009 and it should not be related to modern versions of TestComplete and TestExecute.

You may consult your local guys if they know what for AQtrace is running on this given machine. If nobody knows, you may try to disable all AQtrace-related services (using services.msc applet) and check if it creates any problem to anyone.


Or talk to your developers whether they still compile your tested application with AQtrace modules. If they do, create a Support ticket via the form as QAtrace well may be incompatible with modern versions of TestComplete/TestExecute and/or operating systems.


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