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Sharepoint webservice with TestComplete


Sharepoint webservice with TestComplete



I need to work with Sharepoint webservices to create and update list in Sharepoint. The sharepoint has exposed api's , webservices


so we need to add  SP.Core.Debug.jsSP.Debug.js, and SP.Runtime.Debug.js  (javascript files) into our script to make our webservice work. How to add these external Javascript files to TestComplete ?


I am using Javascript as my scripting language in TestComplete. Or is there any inbuilt javascript functions in TestComplete to connect to sharepoint service ?.



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If your project is JavaScript-based (don't confuse it with JScript) that you can just add the files you need to your test project using the Add Existing functionality.

TestComplete does not explicitly support communication with Sharepoint and this must be coded separately.

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