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Shared project in version control

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Shared project in version control

We are uisng a keyword driven programming and all our function are ready. In process of develping more scripts and using name mapping.

right now we have a single project where all of us are sharing. Got GIT installed. so should we still use that single project and use the version control as only changes we will be making to name mapping ,since framework is setup.


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I personally would not share name mapping like this.  What we did with a large team was to find a time once a week or so to gather all the name mapping files and let one person merge them and then let each team member try the merged one before that one person checked it into version control.  We tried it with everyone checking it in on their own and ended up with too many conflicts and the name mapping was a mess and we had to revert to an older version too many times.  It was lots easier just to allow time for the merge to happen.  

First of all, please stay away from the word "sharing" in TestComplete.  If you are used to that with other products like HP and IBM testing products, I understand.  These product use a database for the test steps and count on Referencial Integrity in the database to allow multiple people access to the same project.

In TestComplete, it works very differently.  All tests whether Keywords or Scripts are XML files (pure Text), so shaing them will 100% cause corruption of the files sooner or later.

Every member on the team should be running locally on their machine and checking into a respository of source code like Git as you mentioned.


Name Mapping is another issue and I am going to share with you the plain and simple way to deal with it in a team environment.  ONE member of the team should volunteer to be the NameMapping owner on the project.  I do not recommend any other person on the team to make Name Mapping changes. Everyone on the team will just checkout the latest Name Mapping from Source Control.  Otherwise, the team will be spending considerable amount of time merging constantly and that is a waste of time.


Hope that helps


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