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Set Auto-Wait Timeout for Browser Close function

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Set Auto-Wait Timeout for Browser Close function

Hello Community,


is there a way to increase the auto-wait timeout for the browser close function?


I know I can set it manually by double clicking the parameter field of the browser close teststep, but it is automatically set to 3 seconds which is not enough in a few cases and I want to increase this to 10 seconds.


It is a different auto wait time, than the one you can set in the project properties (auto-wait timeout, ms which is standard at 40 seconds).

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I would wait in a loop until the browser process ends or timeout (passed as a parameter) occurs.

If the browser process did not end within timeout, .the call to .Terminate() may be done. contains some possible code sample.


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I am using the Terminate Script on Errors to prevent next tests from not starting, but I use the close browser teststep in around 300 testcases, so I am not within a script and the auto wait time for this operation is 3 seconds, which I want to increase to 10 and in case it doesnt close within this time I am ok with the test failing and Terminating the processes in the OnLogError Event

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