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Send the message using Messenger App.

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Send the message using Messenger App.

Hello, i'm using Keyword test. 

What I wanna do is send the message using firm's Messenger App. 

So I try below process. 

1. login messenger

2. search people name

The problem is, Third. 

3. Keyworld test doesn't click specific name. 

4. to solve this problem, register specify image '래' on Messenger App. 

And Add image based action on Test complete(Double click action.) 

  but my keyword test doesn't find and click. 


How can I solve this problem ? 





There are a few different things you could look into.


Firstly, what technology is the application, and does TestComplete support it?



Second, when using the image based actions, are you running the test on the same machine when the test was created?

I ask because if the resolution changes, that will impact your image.

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First,  I don't know well that Test complete can support my messenger program. How can i check it? 

Second, I was run the test on the same machine when the test was created.


You can check with Support about your messenger app.  Here's the link:

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