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Select a particular radio button value in data-driven loop test script

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Select a particular radio button value in data-driven loop test script

I had created a data-driven test with my project variable, but i am facing a problem when the radio button click should be performed.

In my script which is recored is the name of the radio button click but it is only functional for the first data input.

I had tried with R* in NameMapping but it doesnt work.

Can somebody please help me solve this issue, how to differenciate this radio buttons names in order to be proper selected?


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Let the test run the way it is now, and after the second data input fails, use the Object Spy to see what the name of the button is and then post a screenshot of that for us.

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I need more informaction to help you resolve the problem.


1) You have few checkboxes in you app with the same "ClassName"?

2) Can You map the second and maybe third checkbox with object spy?

3) Checkboxes, they are all visible for You on screen when You performing actions on them?

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The problem that i was facing was because of the same name of the class name for all radio buttons, so after selecting the class by the index and was able to differenciate them. 

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