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Seeing huge resource consumption in TestCompleteService15 (32 bit) causing VM to be unstable


Seeing huge resource consumption in TestCompleteService15 (32 bit) causing VM to be unstable



Seeing 90% to 100% CPU usage, this is causing connection to VM to hang.


See this in All VMs where TestComplete / Execute is installed and upgraded and projects upgraded.


Anyone else seeing this blocking issue?




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Yes. Me, too. It's very infrequent, so I have nothing to go off of what causes it. Maybe once a month--sometimes twice. TestComplete may be open--may be closed. Usually a reboot fixes it, but it cripples my vpc to the point where it takes several minutes to get anything to response to do the reboot.


If I ever figure anything out on my end, I'll let everyone know.



I've seen this issue a lot and traced it back to a conflict between our security tool that does a regular port scan and the TestCompleteService15.exe service running on the machine.


If we step the machines out of the port scans we don't see the issue. 


However, we also don't see the issue if we do have the port scan running regularly and we're running only TestCompleteService14.exe.


Something has changed in this latest version (v15) of the TestCompleteService15.exe that makes it incompatible with our port scanning security tools.


We have an open ticket with SmartBear to get this resolved as there's no way our security team will allow us to step out 20 odd machines in our network that run TestComplete.


Hopefully we'll get a fix soon.

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How did this pan out? It appears our port scans are causing the same havoc. 4 VPCs crippled right now. 😁

Unfortunately (or rather ... "fortunately" for us) our corporate security team moved to a different port scanning technology.  So rather than a centralised port scanning tool that goes out and scan all our automation VPC we now have a security solution that sits on the VPC and monitors the ports. So no active port scanning in our environment. This fixed the issue for us.


having said that this has to be a bug in the Testcomplete v15 service. It should not hit 100% cpu utalisation just because the port it sits on gets scanned. AND this was never a issue with TestComplete v14 service. 


So something changed with v15 that causes this!


I sent memory dumps and all sorts of logs to SmartBear to see if they could fix. Nothing unfortunately.   Very very difficult o nail the issue down though. 


If it helps when you raise a ticket with SmartBear you could reference our ticket which was #00514023

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Ours turned out to be AIP scanning causing the issue. Hope this helps.
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