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Script-functions from KeywordTests

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Script-functions from KeywordTests


is it possible to call a script-function from a keyword-test? In my keyword-test I am filling a edit-box by the "Keys"-operation with the value "test". Now I want to change the value "test" to a random string-value.

Therefore I have created a function "RandomString" in my Script, which returns a random generated string. Then I tried to write "RandomString()" in the "Operation Parameters" of my keyword-test, but this seems not to work.

Is it possible to call some script-functions from my keyword-test?

What is the best way to use random generated strings to be typed in in my edit-fields? I do not want to use variables which I have to fill by script at the begin of the test-run, because I need a lot of random-strings and do not want that many variables...



Hi Robert,

To call a script function from a keyword test, use the "Run Script Routine" operation. See the "Run Script Routine Operation" article for details. The function can return a new generated string whose value you can get using 'Last Operation Result'. More information can be found in the "Checking Operation Result" article.

Best regards,

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