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Script Extensions are not defined when running Jobs

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Script Extensions are not defined when running Jobs

I have created a few Script Extensions and they work on my computer. But when I try to run a Job then I get a reference error saying "<Script Extension name> is not defined". I have checked the slave computer and it does have the Script Extension files and the description.xml file, so why am I getting this error?

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On the slave machine, if the tcx files are in a different folder than the default (<testcomplete installation folder>\Bin\Extensions\ScriptExtensions), you need to go into the options and point to the different folder.  In TestComplete, this is in Tools -> Options -> Engines -> Script Extensions.  In TestExecute, right click on the Sys try icon, select Options -> Engines -> Script Extensions

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That worked! Thank you so much. I am using TestExecute; I also verified that the Script Extensions were there by right clicking the tray icon, and selecting Install Script Extensions.

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