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SOAPAction error when trying to access methods of a web service

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SOAPAction error when trying to access methods of a web service

I am trying to access the methods of a web service. I wrote the code for TestComplete 8.60 and it worked fine. But now that I am trying the same code on 8.70 version, it can't access any method.

It gives an error on encountering 'NetworkList = WebServices.Voyence3.getAllNetworks();' statement, which calls a method of the web service.

It gives the following error:

An exception occurred in the "API" unit at line 41:

<soapenv:Fault xmlns:soapenv="">

 <faultcode xmlns:ns1="">ns1:Client.NoSOAPAction</faultcode>

 <faultstring>no SOAPAction header!</faultstring>  <detail>

  <ns2:hostname xmlns:ns2="">ucs-unc01.ucs</ns2:hostname>




Kindly help me resolve this error. What is different between the two versions that is causing this error?

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To help us investigate the problem, could you please use this Contact Support web form to send us your WSDL document?

Also, could you please specify what data the LastRequest and LastResponse properties of your WebServices.Voyence3 object contain when you call your problematic method?

We would appreciate it if you obtained the LastRequest and LastResponse properties' values after calling your problematic methods on both TestComplete 8.60 and TestComplete 8.70.

Thanks in advance.
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