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Run test cases in multiple environments for desktop application

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Run test cases in multiple environments for desktop application

I am working with desktop application. We have around few test cases and these has to be run on multiple environments. We are writing scripts and not keyword tests. By passing path of environment as project variable, i am able to run in one environment without issue. But I want to run all these test cases in all the environments without changing the variable value manually everytime. And i want selection option of testitem from project.

Is it possible to iterate by number of items in tested apps or to set iteration count of parent case from script? Is there any other way to iterate with different environments?
Please help me as i am stuck here.



In Azure DevOps there are two ways of doing this that I have tried. 


1) use a command line approach to update your settings file. Something like in the image below


2) use  the option of giving the input to a variable at run-time. When you click deploy you can set values to your variable but that would require you to manually deploy the stage 8 times. Or add 8 different stages.




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Thanks for the checking and providing a solution, in jenkins i guess it is possible to do a looping of node, i could not get the same kind of solution for azure. Currently we have to add 8 stages for running these environments. 

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