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Run TestComplete UI Tests from TFS 2020

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Run TestComplete UI Tests from TFS 2020

I created some UI tests with both TestLeft and TestComplete from SmartBear, using integration into VS to run them as VS test items.

With TFS2015, I did install a VSO agent on a physical server, which started in interactive mode (not as a service) on reboot. My build contained the "Visual Studio Test Agent Deployment" step followed by a "Run Functional Tests" step.

With TFS2018, it's a slightly different VSTS agent, and I want to use the "Visual Studio Test" step. Everything is fine and the tests run as long as I have open desktop connection to the server. However if I reboot the server, and the agent starts on reboot, my tests fail with "Unable to initialize TestComplete" due to the need for an interactive workstation.

So I just can't find a way to run the tests from TFS2018 the way they ran from TFS2015.

Edit: I already tried starting a batch file as Administrator containing

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Have you read the help topic (last paragraph) ? Didn't it help?


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Thanks Alex!


Hi @Tabitha , does the documentation article help?

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