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Run Code snippet error

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Run Code snippet error

Hi Im having issues with running a code snippet the actual problem is it's erroring for no reason. It actually fires the application up correctly however when it comes to the end of the test it fails due to the reason below.


Can anyone help?


File name:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Enserve Group Ltd\Job Track Enterprise (FCAMSYS)\Water\JobTrackEnterprise.exe

Possible reasons:

  • You are using Windows Vista or a later Windows version, and TestComplete is running without administrator privileges.
  • The working folder path is unavailable or does not exist:
  • The command-line arguments specified for the application are invalid:
  • The specified file is a non-executable file that cannot be launched using the selected Run mode.



If I'm reading what you've put correctly please correct me if Im wrong you're suggesting that I create a new instance of the tested application under a new users credentials? If this is the case I've tried the creating various instances of the application with different users. This does actually work as does the code snippet. However the same outcome in which the test fails as it says it hasn't fired up the application but the application has loaded and is viewable on my screen.


I also have a tested application setup which runs and works perfectly under my user name. The reason for using the code snippet is for me to test user permissions on other accounts. I have full access using my account I want to give the access to the test accounts then fire them up using those accounts.


As mentioned in the initial report the application loads up fine the problem is Test Complete is saying it hasn't loaded it.




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