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Remote Desktop getting freezed and needs to be restarted while using test complete


Remote Desktop getting freezed and needs to be restarted while using test complete

I am facing a weird issue where my remote desktop hangs or freezes when I am using test complete. It usually happens when i switch between different tabs too frequently or fast.


Once it freezes I need to ask the IT helpdesk team to restart the server/machine and everything works fine then.


This could be issue with remote desktop, connection or test complete, not sure, but if anyone can let me know the best approach to use test complete on remote desktop.


Note: Test Complete and AUT both are installed on system which I am connecting thru remote desktop and there are no other applications on that system.

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What do you mean by "switching between tabs"?  WIthin the Remote Desktop?  Or on your machine from which you're connecting?

Something to keep in mind... when you're connected via Remote Desktop and running a test, depending upon the RDP settings, minimizing the remote desktop window will end up causing any automation that interacts with the UI to run into problems.  So, if you're tabbing around on your machine, if you end up minimizing the window, you may cause problems in object recognition which may create the appearance of "hang" in TestComplete.

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Let me provide more details on my issue. 


I am connecting to machine "B" from machine "A" thru remote desktop connection. Test Complete and Application to test are both on machine B. Entire work is done on Machine B and I do not minimize it anytime. 


By switching tabs, I mean going to different modules of my project. There are around 10 modules/scripts open and I switch amongst them quite fast when it freezes and have to close the connection to machine B and start the connection again.


Machine "A" is my physical machine which I only use to connect to "Machine B".

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Hi @pankajjain2050,


Does the issue still exist? I think it may be related to memory consumption. Please try applying the suggestions listed in this article:


If this doesn't help, I recommend that you contact our Support Team.



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