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Property for TPanel image


Property for TPanel image

I have an application that needs to compare two TPanel images. I'm not having great luck with image comparisons. Basically, I'm trying to check if the panel is empty, or has any image at all in it. TC is failing a comparison between two identical (to the human eye anyway) images because of screen resolution or something. IDK, I just want to move away from pic compares because they seem shakey.


Is there a property for TPanel that will tell you if it has an image in it? Is there another, better, way?




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I don't know in which technology TPanels comes in ..

what you could do is spy on TPanel (click for more info) one with image and one without.

and compare properties.........


if all properties are same, image could be included in it's child object.

Thanks for the reply.


I guess I should have said I already did that.


Well mostly anyway, there's a whole list of properties, each with multiple nested properties.


I was just asking because it's easier than going through all those as TC doesn't really have an easy way to compare two different states of an object. Just the current state of an object.

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