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Property Checkpoints

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Property Checkpoints





I am completely new to this so please excuse me.

I have to validate a duplicate error message that displays when there are duplicate field entries on a webpage.

I have used a property checkpoint to do this.

 Property Checkpoint  Sys.Process("iexplore", 3).Page("http://devtest/SetFieldValues.aspx?TemplID=110&FieldID=1"), "URL", cmpEqual, "http://devtest/SetFieldValues.aspx?TemplID=110&FieldID=1", ... 


So my predicament is that the templID does not remain constant. The first test I run passes as the template ID is 110 but the next test I run the checkpoint fails as the Template ID is now 111. Have I used the correct checkpoint? How can I change it so that no

matter what the template ID is it will validate the duplicate error message?


Thank you

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Re: Property Checkpoints

I would suggest searching for the field first, maybe with a Find, and assigning the value you're looking at to a variable.  Then you can do the comparison to the variable instead of with the field directly and the template id is no longer an issue.

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Re: Property Checkpoints

Thank you, what I ended up doing was this:


Changing the TemplID=110&FieldID=1") into a wildcard. 

 Property Checkpoint  Sys.Process("iexplore", 3).Page("http://devtest/SetFieldValues.aspx?*")


And that works for me.


Thank you


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