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Property Checkpoint Text Color using Keyword Test.


Property Checkpoint Text Color using Keyword Test.

So I have done this in the past but I lost my notes and I'm not able to remember how I did it. In our software, we have color codes for our version depending on if the software has been pirated, Release Client, or Beta versions. I'm trying to set my test up to only pass Black text in a certain field within the property checkpoint, which I was able to before but I'm lost in how I got that result. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome. 


Thank you. 


Could you elaborate just a bit further on what you mean by "I'm trying to set my test up to only pass Black text in a certain field within the property checkpoint"

do you mean set a validation against a certain text that has black color?

I'm not quite sure if i follow what the desired outcome is.

Justin Kim

So while my test is running I want it to only allow the text in this field to be Black. I was able to do it once before but I can't remember how. 

so while recording or after the fact, you would use a property checkpoint at that time, and verify a property that contains the color value of the text within that object.


Justin Kim

I was setting wtext trying with all options using 0x000000 and it wasn't working. I'll have to dig through my notes. 


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You might have to be careful with text colour, it's likely not hexadecimal in Windows applications. Use the property checkpoint tool to see what colour it says the text is, and check for that.

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  • True, I know a few months ago I was able to call out for my program to pass if it found the colors Black and white using the 0x000000, 0xFFFFFF from the TC documentation and it would pass them and block all other colors, I have not been able to get back to that for a few months and now that I am I just couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. 

Thank you all for giving me ideas this group is always helpful. 


Community Manager

@CGilbert were you able to figure it out? Please share how you resolve the issue.

Sr. Director, Web & Digital Experience @ SmartBear

Unfortunately, I got pulled away for another project while my dev team fixes a bug that this test was for. But I hope to get back to it soon. 

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