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Program name adding a 2 behind it after an reinstall.


Program name adding a 2 behind it after an reinstall.

So I have had a long week of reinstalling everything and was able to get Test Complete back up and running. I have over 30 tests created. I just went in to run a proven test to verify my reinstall was worth it and now my tests are stopping with "The Object does not exist" not found but in looking into this my program now reads 

Aliases.programname2.dlgEdgeprogram.btn4 instead of Aliases.programname.dlgEdgeprogram.btn4 as it did before, I know running my test on our Test Execute system doesn't do this but will this create an issue when two of us are writing test on two separate systems? It's the same program as before in fact on the same system just with a fresh install. Can I wild card it or something or will I have to rerun all the tests step by step to repoint the steps? I am using keyword tests with the visualizer and soon I will most likely switch to scripting as I learn more. 

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Compare in the NameMapping editor what differs programname from programname2 and adjust settings for programname so that it matches the object that now is identified as programname2.
And delete programname2 sub-tree from NameMapping after that.


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  • In the mapped objects it's showing under Sys2, all of my original testing Objects are under Sys. If I continue to run the test and point out the Objects that it claims it cannot find I just add more objects under Sys2. 

I guess I'm confused and somewhat concerned that why it would call out a different name when its the same program being used. It's even being run on the same system its just been reimaged. I looked at what you had put in there but wasn't able to see a difference in them enough to understand what I needed to fix.

Sometimes exename (2).exe occurs when we 2 instance of application running.

While mapping object please make sure you are getting the exe name properly and only 1 instance is running.
Or you can try to use directly the full name of a Object instead of Name Mapped Name one time work but it is worth changing it to generic.


Please let me know if any help is needed


Anupam Champati

Only one instance is running, but I will need to look more at the settings to make sure I have things set correctly I guess. I will be digging deeper into this tomorrow as I need to get back on track with my testing and writing tests. 


I have gone through everything I can think of, I think tomorrow I will reset all my settings and remove my programs and start over, it still comes up with Phoenix2 and sys2 even though there is only one instance running. I'm pretty confused that just reinstalling a program should not cause this, I also loaded my back up settings that I exported when I first began working with this program.  

Going to close this as I put in a ticket and will be sending in my project file. That should help and educate me on what might be set up wrong. 


Thank you all for the help, this community has not let me down yet. 

To update I found that when I reinstalled Test Complete I did not set my program as the tested program so when I tried to run my test it was finding it as a second instance. I have found that setting and just wanted to update, it has been so long from the day I first started using this software that I forgot about that. 

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