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Problem with the Click Method

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Problem with the Click Method


I really often use the method Click in my application, but now i'm having a big problem.

When i'm on the WIndows Explorer and TestComplete do a right click on my file, everything is ok, then TestComplete click on the menuitem which calls a function in the application i'm testing and this particular click takes 10seconds ! Precisely 10seconds, I really don't get why it takes so much time, when i do it manually, the new window appear instantly.

Did you already saw a problem like this before.

It's very important for me to reduce my test execution time.

Thanks for your precious help

I have similar problem on Server 2008 R2 and Win 7 platforms.
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i forgot to precise, i'm working on Windows XP, using TestComplete 7.52, my application is in Delphi

Hi Ell,

We cannot reproduce the issue on our side.

Does the issue occur with our sample application ("<TestComplete 7 Samples>\Open Apps\OrdersDemo\Delphi")?

Try reproducing the issue on TC 8. You can get it from here. Does the issue occur? How much time does it take TC 8 to perform clicks on Windows Explorer?

Best regards,

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