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Problem with closing test program during use TestComplete

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Problem with closing test program during use TestComplete


We are testing Delphi application with TestComplete.


Every time we go to Object Browser and try to expand properties of object of class ‘THSListGrid’ in any window, the program closes (no error report when closing, program just closes).


  1. Properties tab is OK, but an error message appears (in attachement)
  2. When we go to „Fields” tab, the program closes

The same problem with Object Spy. When we try to spy any objest of class "THSListGrid" our tested app close.

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Let's start with the basics.  What version of TestComplete are you running and what version of Delphi is the application developed in?

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Test Complete ver. 12.50 but same problem on 14

Delphi ver. 10.2

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Hi @darktremor,


Please make sure that your application was properly prepared for testing. The application should be built along with the debug information. Refer to the following articles and those related for more information:


If the issue appears anyway,  follow the steps below to collect the crash report and send it to the Support Team - it will help them investigate the issue:

  1. Run the Report Generator tool located in <TestComplete>\Bin\ReportGenerator.exe.
  2. Select the "Launch/attach to TestComplete" option.
  3. Run another instance of the Report Generator tool.
  4. Select the "Track application launch" option, specify your application executable name and click Next. The Report Generator tool will wait until the application is launched and then will track all events in it.
  5. Reproduce the problem.
  6. Click the "Generate..." button in all instances of the Report Generator tool and save reports to a local folder.
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