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Problem with Runner.Stop


Problem with Runner.Stop

Hi everyone, 

I currently have a project with  bunch of test items that are grouped up in diffferent categories. Each category has as it's parent a script that stops if a certain variable is not met, that way only a certain batch of tests are run depending on the initial project variables. To stop the tests from running we call the Runner.Stop method, but this method will generate a red "X" in the log even though no error is actually logged because the test item is not completed. Is there a way around this? We do not want errors in the log, we just want to skip a batch of tests without having to put conditions on each one. 

Here's an example script I'm using to skip child tests: 

function Not_TestType_Filter(TestType)


  if(Project.Variables.TestType == TestType)


    Log.AppendFolder("Stop execution of non-applicable tests");





Thank's for you help

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)


I failed to reproduce the behavior you describe. What TestComplete version are you using? Do you face the same behavior with the latest version of TestComplete - 9.0? You can request a free trial version of TestComplete 9.0 here.

Do you call the Runner.Stop method with the CurrentTestOnly parameter set to true in all the scripts you use to skip child tests?

Also, could you please specify to what values the Stop on error property of your test items are set? If the Stop on error column is hidden on your project editor's Test Items page, you can right-click anywhere within the page, select Field Chooser from the context menu and drag the Stop on error column from the ensuing Customization dialog to the Test Items page.

Is your project's Stop on error option enabled or disabled? To check the Stop on error project property's value, please switch to the Properties page of the project editor, choose Playback in the list on the left of the page and find the Stop on error option in the Runtime option group on the right of the page.

Thanks in advance.
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