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Post log to Jira automatically

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Post log to Jira automatically

How I can post log to Jira automatically? 
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Hi Denis, from where do you want to post the log? from a Script after a test run? or somewhere else?


Phil Baird

You can do this by using JIRA cli
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Hi Denis,


Currently, it's possible to post the test results to Jira only from TestComplete's GUI. We have a suggestion in our DB to implement the possibility of the automatic export - I've increased its rating based on your question. 


In the meantime, you can try to implement this by using Adrian's suggestion.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Hi Denis,

In addition to the replies by Tanya and Adrian, the functionality mentioned by Tanya is implemented via Script Extension that can be found in the <TestComplete>\Bin\Extensions\ScriptExtensions\JiraSupport.tcx file. This is a Zip archive with the .tcx extension. Go through the script extensions section in TestComplete help and use the mentioned extension as a code sample. I hope that you'll be able to implement what you need.

(Well, maybe this script extension is implemented on the base of the Jira Cli mentioned by Adrian, I just don't know...)

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Hi, the Script Extension Alexei refers to uses the (now marked for deprecation) Jira SOAP/RPC Web Service API.


The other caveat to it is that it also uses functions such as WebServices::CreateWebServiceInfo() which requires the Web Service Testing Plug-Ins be installed, as detailed here.

The new Jira REST Web Service API offer the resource /rest/api/2/issue/{issueIdOrKey}/attachments as documented here.

The only issue around it is the following:


"This resource expects a multipart post. The media-type multipart/form-data is defined in RFC 1867. Most client libraries have classes that make dealing with multipart posts simple. For instance, in Java the Apache HTTP Components library provides a MultiPartEntity that makes it simple to submit a multipart POST."


and the example provided isn't that useful.


It should be possible to write a small .Net or Java library that can be accessed via the CLR or Java Bridge that can POST to this resource.


Having never tried it, I am not sure if the multipart POST can be done using the XMLHttpRequest object provided by the Test Complete Scripting interface.



Phil Baird

Hi Tanya,


Just wondering if the feature to automatically post to Jira has been implemented in the latest TestComplete (10.5)?  If not, I would like to request this feature as well.




Good Morning:

Just wondering if the feature/update for automatically sending a bug report via a Log File has been added to Test Complete 11?  Any progress update on this would be great!




Any idea when it can be done ?




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