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Performance issues using Git

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Performance issues using Git

Hey guys, hope everybody's doing fine.

We have just started using TestComplete and ran into pretty extreme performance issues with the Git-integration of TestComplete, that manifest themselves by starting and stopping the git executable multiple times in parallel in between stopping a recording-session and TestComplete being responsive again.

Has anybody run into issues like that?

It seems, that whenever TestComplete changes a file, the git-executable fires and listens for changes.


Thanks in advance.

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Is nobody experiencing this issue?

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Yes, Even I have faced the same problem . Do let me know if you are able to resolve the problem?

i have to say i dont have too much of an appreciation as to leaving paying users to themselves with these types of problems.


do we not have any moderators on this forum? how is this a support-forum if nobody cares to respond?



Actually, this is not a support forum but a Community one.

Smartbear guys take care about it but not as a first priority.

To get a guaranteed official reply you may contact Support directly via the form.


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To answer your specific question, though, if you do a search through the forums, there are a couple of other folks who have run into problems with GIT performance.  I think there was a correction that was done in a later version of TC 12 that, I believe, has been applied to TC 14.  Have you upgraded to the latest versions?  And, if so, does the problem persist?

As @AlexKaras points out, though, official SmartBear employees DO contribute to these forums but this is a user based community and we users do have our own things to do. 🙂

In any case, I believe that there is a solution for your problem.  Take alook at

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