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Paste options while recording in script mode

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Paste options while recording in script mode

Need help on how to paste data while in script mode?  Attached error and screen shot. 



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In your screenshots I don't see anything related to pasting, just ClickItem(undefined). You can't click undefined so that is why you are getting the error about a Control Item not being found.



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Thank you.  When I inspect element I get the following:


<textarea id="licensetext" class="licensetext ng-dirty ng-valid-parse ng-touched ng-empty ng-invalid ng-invalid-required" ng-model="licenseText" name="licensetext" required="x" rows="20" cols="80" form="form" style=""></textarea>


But I need to be able to paste data to this text area via ctrl v (^v) or right mouse click paste from the pop up which is where I am running into issues. 

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Using, specifically, ctrl-V isn't necessary.  


Basically, you don't want the ClickItem.  That won't do what you want.


You need to send a "Keys" command to the desired text area.  As the parameter for that Keys, since you already have the contents in the clipboard, just put in Sys.ClipBoard and that will type into the desired field the contents of your clipboard.

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Thank you!

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