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POM for keyword test on TestComplete

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POM for keyword test on TestComplete


Is there any example (or documentation) of POM structure for Keyword test on TestComplete for desktop applications?

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What do you mean by POM structure? 

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Page Object Model

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From what I've just read about POM, it seems like it's similar to Name Mapping, a repository that stores all the objects of your tested applications.

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Keyword tests by their very nature aren't Object Orientated so it's a little difficult to implement the Page Object Model. However, an approach is detailed here...


It has limitations! Ultimately you'll probably want to move towards an object orientated coded approach (either JavaScript or Python), but this might help.

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This is correct.  POM is about setting up a model of the objects that you're going to automate against and then build methods and properties on those objects.  It's not necessary to build a POM in TestComplete because NameMapping essentially builds most of that for you.  If you want to build custom functions to operate against particular objects, that's possible but it's not exactly POM because you can't just call Aliases.MyPage.MyControl.MyCustomFunction.  Instead, you'd have to do something like MyCustomFunctions(Aliases.MyPage.MyControl,"MyAction") to execute a custom action against a control.

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Just a minor note to what was suggested by @tristaanogre and @rraghvani : you should use not NameMapping, but Aliases which is a higher abstraction built over NameMapping.


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