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Object doesn't exist in different scenario

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Object doesn't exist in different scenario

In a condition, where i am using If....elseIf. I need to check more than 2 items to be exist or not. so i am doing like:
Set A = '(element page address)
Set B = '(element page address)

Set C = '(element page address)


but when execution comes to these lines, it gives me "Object doesn't exist". Please understand my question first. If that element exist on application Example:
1) If  A exists but B and C not, in that condition execution will go through all the lines Set A, Set B, Set C . Because object A exist so it will not give me error but for gone through B and C only it give me error like"Object doesn't exist".
Yes it will not effecting my script execution but i am getting error in test log, So how should i handle it

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This is something inheritance with test complete..

You are checking exists property of B


(for easy explanation take visible property )

if B is not there you can not check it's visible property value( true or false). It gives you an error.

sameway if B is not there, if you check of exist property,  will give you error.


To avoid getting error you can use wait methods as shown below




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