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Not able to take control to modal window

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Not able to take control to modal window



While writing script for my application,i am stucked in a scenario in which , clicking on a link (on my main page) opens a modal window on which some calculation need to be performed and clicking on submit closes the modal window and control returns to main window.   

It is happening that my recorded script hangs when script goes to modal window,throwing error "Searching for a mapped object took too much time".


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Most likely, the object in question has the "Extended Find" flag set to true.  This means that there may be ancestor objects of the object that are "collapsed" and not actually mapped.  In this situation, TestComplete spends more processing time searching for the object... and it will, occasionally, time out.


The fix:


1) Go to Tools | Options | Engines | NameMapping and uncheck the box that says "Use extended find when possible"

2) Go to those objects that are being reported as taking too much time and add mapping for the "missing" ancestor objects.


If you go to those "Taking too much time" messages, there is an "Additional Information" tab that gives some more information.

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