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New to Test Complete 7. Where can I start ?

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New to Test Complete 7. Where can I start ?

Hi All,

Recently I joined in a new company and we are using TestComplete 7.  I am completely new to this, can any one suggest where can I start .............



To help you get started with TestComplete easier, I recommend that you visit our free TestComplete webinar.

Besides that, we offer an online TestComplete training course for an affordable price.

Also, I recommend that you see the "Getting Started" section of TestComplete's Help system. A printable version of this section (Getting Started With TestComplete 7.doc) is located in the "<TestComplete 7>\Help" folder.

You can download the "TestComplete Made Easy" book from our web site.

In addition to that, you can see our screencasts demonstrating how to use TestComplete features.

Besides that, I recommend that you study the TestComplete FAQs.

Some samples demonstrating how to use TestComplete features can be found in the following folders:

"<Users>\Public\Documents\TestComplete 7 Samples\" (for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008)

"<Documents and Settings>\All Users\Documents\TestComplete 7 Samples\" (for other operating systems)

Best regards,

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