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.Net Desktop App Object Spy cannot find sub Item


.Net Desktop App Object Spy cannot find sub Item



my company is using Test Complete Desktop version for a long time and now I am taking over some responsibilities on desktop testing, after a long WEB, Mobile app experience. 


My question is when I spy on the specific sub-menu item, object spy can only detect the parent, and not very good at narrowing down the sub-elements. Any idea what can I do?

For example, it is not possible to detect File, Edit, or Window? 



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Depending on what controls are used by your tested application, you may consider to check that corresponding extension is enabled (File | Install Extensions...) and/or enable/adjust settings for MSAA and UI Automation (Project Properties | Project | Open Applications | MSAA/UI Automation).

Also, if developers are using composite controls, you may consider to adjust Project Properties | Project | Open Applications | WPF settings.


Also, check that 'Pre-Release...' text on the top-right corner is identified as a separate object. The case is that quite often menu items can be accessed either as an elements of, say, Items property of the menu object (e.g. menu.Items(0).Click) or as, say, menu('File').Click. But I would like to ensure that menu object itself is identified correctly. And this 'Pre-Release...' text looks like a separate text control which should be separately identified by Object Spy/in Object Browser.


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Oh my God, it works :)))




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