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NameMapping issue

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NameMapping issue


I had with an old namemapping this structure : Aliases.Process.Form.Edit

(on which I was doing a SetText() )

With another version of the executable, the mapping structure changed to Aliases.Process.Form.Combobox.Edit

As you imagine I just can't modify the namemapping, but in this case I'm afraid I have to insert the ".Combobox" within the structure in each places into the script (which are numerous).

Is there a better way to overcome that problem please ?

Thank you,

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Remember, there are two "layers" to NameMapping.  There's the stuff that is laid out as NameMapping.Sys.Process.Form.Combobox.Edit and there's the Aliases.Process.Form.Combobox.Edit.  You can drag the "Edit" to be a child of Form in the Aliases tree while still preserving the full mapping in the NameMapping tree.  That way you won't need to change any of your automation.

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In Name Mapping, check the box for "Extended Find" next to the Edit control.




Hi guys,

Thank you very much Robert, you let me save a lot of time !!!

Thanks again,


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