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Multiple Test encapsulation and loop

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Multiple Test encapsulation and loop

I have multiple unit tests that work correctly


I have put these tests in an execution plan to complete a test run of my site




Can I put create a browser loop for this test?

e.g. convert it to like the below test






I know that I can create a browser loop test in a single script calling the individual scripts but that would not give the flexibility I am looking for here.


How can I accomplish this functionality?

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No, the Execution Plan is just a list.  It doesn't know how to loop or do any other code functionality.  It's just running your tests in the order that you select.


The Execution Plan editor shows the project’s test items in the order they will be run. A test item can be:

  • A keyword test
  • A script routine
  • A low-level procedure
  • A network suite, or its job or task
  • A BDD scenario or several scenarios
  • A unit test or a Selenium test
  • A ReadyAPI functional or security test
  • tag or tag expression specifying one or several tests (keyword tests, script routines, and BDD scenarios) to run

You can organize test items into a plain list, grouped list or a tree-like structure (where child items are run after the parent item has finished running). You can exclude test items from or include them in the test run using the check box next to the test item name.

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how do you select the tags in the plan - I can't find any documentation of this



- sorry found tags at the very bottom of test categories

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I was going to ask the same.  It is a big of a pain to go back and add browser loops however,,,,life goes on.

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