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Mobile Screen in TestExecute

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Mobile Screen in TestExecute

Hypothetical question:

Is there a way to programmatically display the Mobile Screen when the user is using TestExecute (not TestComplete)?

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My understanding is that you cannot as you can view the mobile screen only in TestComplete.
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Hi Gindi,


Currently, the Mobile Screen window is available only in TestComplete.

I have registered your request as a suggestion in our DB!


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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Thank you Nathan and Tanya.

Hi Tanya,


I was going to ask the same question when i saw this response.


We have recently moved to an additional TE license for running the mobile device testing as was previously using the TC license.


I always found it handy to view the mobile device screen on a monitor as the devices and machine where locked in a cabinet with the monitor exteranl to the cabinet, so i could view the progress without having to have the cabinet unlocked and open. Obviously i have lost this capability moving to TE. Does this have a priority or even an idea of if it will be implemented as i'm aware this thread is quite old?

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