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Mobile.Device.OSInfo.ProductVersion throws Object required error


Mobile.Device.OSInfo.ProductVersion throws Object required error

We have migrated our scripts from testcomplete 12 to TestComplete 14.2.
All our scripts executed fine in older version with device iPad mini iOS version 11.
Now following script line thows object required error:
DeviceVersion = Mobile.Device.OSInfo.ProductVersion
Device used: Ipadmini ios 12.3.1
Can anyone please help me to solve this error?

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You should contact Support directly with this question.  Here's the link:

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In addition to what was suggested by Marsha, you may try to set a breakpoint at the problematic line and Evaluate it part by part in order to figure-out what clause erors out.

I.e. first evaluate Mobile.Device, then Mobile.Device.OSInfo and finally the whole Mobile.Device.OSInfo.ProductVersion line.


> We have migrated [...] to TestComplete 14.2.

OK, the latest released version is 14.10.1042, so the root of your problem might be because of using some sort of TC Beta version.


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