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Mapping different versions of the same software

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Mapping different versions of the same software

I've been using the Name Mapping functions in Test Complete, and manually mapped all necessary objects for the software I'm testing. Now I'm supposed to test another version of the same software.

All objects in both version will have the same name except for the process name, eg.

Sys.Process("Process1.0").Window("Wnd", "", 1)     and     Sys.Process("Process1.1").Window("Wnd", "", 1) 

Is there any way to "migrate" the mapped objects to the new process? Or do I have to remap everything manually?

Alternative suggestions of achieving this are also welcome. (I'm using VBScript by the way.)


In this case, you need to change the value of the 'ProcessName' identification property. For the mapped object corresponding to "Sys.Process("Process1.0")" its value is "Process1.0", and you need to change it to "Process1.1" ( without quotes ).

BTW, you can change this value from script. In this case, you need to have a project variable that is used as the identification property of the mapped object that corresponds to your application's process. To learn how to set a project variable's value as an identification property value, see the Specifying Identification Property Values help topic. By changing this project variable's value, you'll make TC address the process specified by a new value.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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