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MIME attachment Field is required.

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MIME attachment Field is required.

I am working on rest API to upload my issue on YouTrack. issue has been uploaded successfuly but for attachment i was failing so i decided to upload the attachment through importing the attachment in a created issue.

it says MIME attachment Field is Required in response with status code 400.



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Re: MIME attachment Field is required.



As it was suggested in the thread:

-- Do required actions manually and record resulted web traffic. Analyse recorded requests and responses and figure out what data must be customised (authentication data, tokens, encoded file contents, etc.);

-- Implement required requests and check that returned responses are as expected;

-- Ask here if something does not work, but supply your question with the recorded original request and response, your code and the content of the actual request and returned response.

Without the above information no one will be able to provide you with the meaningful helpful answer. (Unless this one has already implemented integration with YouTrack and is willing to share the code with you.)


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