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Log no longer appears after running scripts


Log no longer appears after running scripts

Hi All


I am not longer see the report in IE after running scripts with TE. Seem to happen after upgrading to 14.9X.


I check settings to display log after run but it is checked.


I miss the report save me having to open Test Complete to view the logs.


Anyone know how to get the logs to display again?






I think it has something to do with the update because with me it sometimes just freezes after stopping the test so no logs will be shown and sometimes I need to force close the program because it just does not want to stop or close or whatever and I don't have no logs etiher... I am glad I am not the only one with this problem and I hope they fix it asap because it is quite annoying.

I opened a ticket for this. 14.81 is working with the same scripts execution, all of our 14.90 machines does not display the log after the run. 

We run scripts on multiple VMs make it time consuming steps to open TC, TE or check emails or click on the log in the results folder to check the completed logs.


I know that before upgrading to 14.90 logs displayed as expected in TE.  We did not make changes in all of our numerous project suites / project configuration and settings.


All of our 31 VMs  that have been updated to 14.90 does not display the logs. This ones with 14.70 displays as expected. and rolling back all 31 to 14.70 would be very time consuming.


This was it is requiring additional manual resources which we don’t have to monitor script result completion.

Hi Support:


Took the time to investigate and found the when we execute scripts from the command line, in 14.80 /SilentMode displays the IE results, but in 14.90 it is suppressing the IE results.


If I remove /SlientMode in 14.90, it now displays the IE results in browser.


But in doing this it now prompts for the patches or upgrades and breaks the scripts, we are now forced to upgrade, before testing it.


We need /SilentMode to suppress the upgrades and patches how can we do this in 14.90?

Hi Support,


Another issue of not using /SilentMode is that scripts error dialogs are now displayed in our Testcase rather than failing the test case for example TypeError: Cannot read property 'VisibleOnScreen" of null. before our scripts just logged these and contioune, but not it stops with the JavaScript runtime error.


Just wanted to add that this undocumented change negatively effected our workflow as well. It was part of the automation process to have the TestExecute results automatically open for review



This is also breaking our workflow as well.

Please restore this to work correctly.



@sonya_m : for your attention...


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Hi All,


TestExecute 14.90 indeed introduced a bug to the /SilentMode functionality. The bug should be fixed in version 14.92 scheduled to release in August 2021. For version 14.91, our product team prepared a patch fixing the issue.


@nathanginoza, it looks like you were provided the patch in the support ticket you opened regarding this problem. @adam_kuczkowski@ChiefBrian - please feel free to contact our support team and request the same patch for TE 14.91. You can submit a case here:



Julia Bernikova
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