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Log.SaveResultsAs(fName,1) hanging probably indefinitely

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Log.SaveResultsAs(fName,1) hanging probably indefinitely

I have a modest test suite in JScript running on 8.70

The export of the log seems unbelievable slow. Are there any work-arounds?

Hello Chris,

I am not aware of performance issues with exporting Log. How long does it take TestComplete to export the Log data on your machine? Can you reproduce this issue if you create a new simple project and make it export the Log data in a similar way? Can you send us your TestComplete project?

Best regards,

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Did this get resolved?

I am also having hanging IE / slow export files when using this.    Here's my code:

function GeneralEvents_OnStopTest(Sender)


   Log.Message("about to save results on stop test event");

   Log.SaveResultsAs("c:\\TestCompleteLogs", 1, true);

   Log.Message("done saving results");


I've seen both hanging IE a(test execute) as well as taking 30 minutes to log a test script that ran in less than 30 minutes with no errors.   TestComplete 8.6 

Curt Hicks
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Yes, I received a patch from SmartBear support that resolved the problem.

I haven't upgraded to 9.0 yet but I expect the patch has made its way into the TC9.0 build.
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Thanks very much !

Regards,  Curt
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