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Licence in Distributed Tests

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Licence in Distributed Tests



Using Distributed Tests, shall i have licence for each machine (master and slaves) ?

Is it possible to use TestComplete on the master machine and TestExecute on the slaves machines ? 



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Both answers are YES.

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Thank you, so can i debug tests runned with TestExecute (slave machine) in TestComplete (Master machine) ?

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Sure, TestExecute is just a test runner. Test Complete is a platform for test development and execution.



To clarify a bit the reply provided by @baxatob:

-- TestComplete does not support distributed debugging. Thus, it is not possible to start TC on the Master box, connect to the Slave one, start test execution on the Slave and debug code running on the Slave from Master.


Considering the above, two options are possible:

-- If you have Floating license for TC, you may install both TE and TC on the Slave box and use TE for test runs and TC only for debugging;

-- If you have only Node-locked TC license, than your only option is to provide as much detailed test logging as possible and try to search for the problem source using Master only.

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