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Keyword tests: waitElement / waitProperty questions

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Keyword tests: waitElement / waitProperty questions

I am new to TestComplete, and would like your help. 

To avoid adding delays in the teststeps I wanted to wait for an element.

I thought on adding a waiton the element untill element visible == true 


On the teststeps view I duplicate the step on the element I want to wait for, and then

click on its cell so the on screen action pupup opens, - what shows the object and its aliases.

Clicking next on this popup, I am able to specify the waitProperty , waitChild, waitElement, and so on. 

What I don't manage is to set the right operation parameters. 


Thanks for your help. 


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The TestComplete support has lots of help with the parameters:


If you're wanting to wait for an element you need to call WaitElement (or WaitAliasChild) on its parent object, not the object itself.

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