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Keyword operation script extension not adding info to keyword test editor

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Keyword operation script extension not adding info to keyword test editor

I am writing a script extension for my team's use. When I use the jkeyword test operation defined by the script extension, I see my user form as expected. But when I click OK, nothing is added to my keyword editor workspace page. I am following this tutorial page


I think I am seeing that this segment


				<Column Name="Item" Value="VSI Standard Startup" />
				<Column Name="Value" GetValue="StartingSegment_GetValue" />
				<Column Name="Description" GetValue="StartingSegment_GetDescription" />

of the description XML is supposed to identify what goes in the columns. And this code


function StartingSegment_GetDescription(Data)
	return Data.Description;

function StartingSegment_GetValue(Data)
  	return Data.QACompleteInfo;

Where Data is comnig from the values of my user form


function StartingSegment_OnSetup(Data) {

    var frm = UserForms.ssEditForm;
    // Display the Operation Properties dialog and check the results
    if (frm.ShowModal() != mrOk) return false; // No changes were made

    Data.QACompleteInfo = frm.txtNameId.Text;
    Data.PreReqText = frm.txtPreReq.Text;

Can anyone advise as to what I am doing wrong? THANKS!

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Have you tried the form values to the project variables and in run time can add those to keyword test.


Project.Variables.MyFirstText = frm.txtNameId.Text;
Project.Variables.MyFirstText = frm.txtPreReq.Text;


Not Sure, Whether this helps.




With Regards
Vallalarasu Pandiyan

That would not do anything to add the items to the keyword editor. Thanks.

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