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Keyword handling exeption

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Keyword handling exeption


I have created a script macro in delphi and several keyword witch work with an exe, i would like to manage error when trying to add data already existing in app.

ex : windows add tiers "toto" > Error already existing

I ve tried Try catch but not catching anything, script crash and stop no action further.

Normaly i would get result := false with an mail send procedure et run another tasks.

Do you have any idea?





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As the log says, the automation halted because you have configured your project to stop execution on errors.  Basically, as soon as an error shows up in the log, the project will halt.


See which shows where these settings are that you can then change to NOT halt on error.

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In addition to what was suggested by Robert:

Try/Catch keyword operations, likewise the same operators of programming/scripting languages, handle execution runtime exceptions like division by zero, stack overflow, etc. Extra window displayed on the screen is not an exception and thus it is not handled by try/catch.

Extra windows in TestComplete can be handled using one of two ways:

a) Do explicit check if an extra window is displayed on the screen using .WaitWindow()/.WaitAliasChild() methods. If the window is found, handle it appropriately;

b) If an extra window is modal one (i.e. it prevents access to all other UI elements of the tested application until the window is closed -- this is your case, according to test log), then you may create a handler of the OnUnexpectedWindow event and handle displayed window within this handler.


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Thanks for youre answers, i finally manage this case with try catch and if object exist in the keywordTests

If we don't find this windows the action continue and finish action creation, else if windows show up catch error return false and send mail.



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