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Keyword Tests and Date Functions/Values


Keyword Tests and Date Functions/Values

I'm trying to modify the Value of a Property Checkpoint in a Keyword Test so that it will contain a string of text that remains constant concatenated with a string variable containing the current date in "yyyy\mm\dd" format (yes, I meant to use back slashes). I can create the variable name and I can insert the variable name into the value of the Property Checkpoint. I've tested this by setting the variable name to a hardcoded string value of today's date (see attached image) and it works. But, of course, it won't work tomorrow. I can't seem to figure out how to make that "Set Variable Value" assignment with a date function that results in today's date (IOW, replace "2019/10/22" in the image with something such as "Format(Now(),"yyyy\mm\dd"). Is what I'm describing possible?

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When you use the "Set Variable Value" operation, the parameter for the "value" can be set to a "Code Expression".


Then you can type out exactly that... a code expression.  I would use a combination of aqConvert.DateTimetoFormatStr and aqDateTime.Now.



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That did it! Thanks!

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