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Iterator IsEOF returning true ... I am certain I am doing something dumb

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Iterator IsEOF returning true ... I am certain I am doing something dumb

I have this code which is trying to loop through the rows of a table variable. 

var checkStaff = KeywordTests.InstructorInquirySmoke.Variables.Staff; var iterator = checkStaff.Iterator; var staffCode; iterator.Reset(); while(!iterator.IsEOF) { staffCode = iterator.Value(0); if (Staff.IsStaffExists()) { Log.Checkpoint("Instructor " + staffCode + " exists.", "", pmNormal, attr, Aliases.browser.pageMain.Picture()); } else { Log.Error("Instructor " + staffCode + " DOES NOT exist.", "", pmNormal, attr, Aliases.browser.pageMain.Picture()); } iterator.Next(); }

Iterator is not entering while loop. I am looking at checkStaff in debug watch. It (rightly) has 2 rows. iterator is showing as an object but with no details.

Can someone spy what I am doing wrong? I confess being the friday before a holiday I strongly suspect operator error.


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According to the documentation and the code samples, .IsEOF() is a method, not a property.

Have you tried


instead of your


? Does it help?


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Sigh. Thanks.

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